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 Chinese Take-out


We have been sending the most amazing take-outs, home with local families since 2009. The proof of our excellence is the base of loyal take-out customers we have gained over the years. Join the crowd, they make no mistake in choosing Liang’s Garden Restaurant in Lansing, Illinois for great Chinese take-out week after week (some of them, day after day!)

Dishes You Must Try Once

(and crave a million times after that)

Shrimp in Lobster Sauce is a rich Cantonese-American treat.  It starts with onions, garlic-black bean sauce and ground pork.  The shrimp are added and at the last minute an egg is folded into the mix.  What emerges is a thick, tasty treat that will redefine your idea of comfort food.  This dish is attempted by chain Chinese joints and other mom and pops.  Wow do they fail miserably.  You must try ours.

It’s simple and basic, foodies might scoff at the suggestion but let’s be honest, there are probably phenomenal reasons our Sesame Chicken is ordered by nearly two out of every three takeout customers who come through the doors.  When it comes to sesame glaze, ours is king.  Why?  Because it’s lovingly made from scratch with fresh ginger and… wait, we’re not giving anything else away.

And last but not least

— if nothing else, let this be a cultural lesson for you. You must try our popular Chicken Chow Mein. Mainstreamed in the early part of last century, it’s a Midwestern thing. Not found far outside the confines of Illinois. The classic “sloppy chow mein” as affectionately described by one customer is what got Midwesterners started on Chinese takeout. Celery, onions, ground pork and chicken are stir fried and thickened up to a Chinese sloppy joe consistency. But ours is enjoyed over crispy noodles, not a sesame seed bun. Customers young and old find our chow mein and rejoice over the discovery of an old-school treat that’s done the old-school way. We love eating our chow mein. Other restaurateurs laugh about having to make it. Now tell us, whose will you be trying? Liang’s Garden, of course.

Be sure to include your friends in the feast.