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Liang's Garden Chinese Restaurant Party Trays

Let’s face it; events do not plan themselves. Plenty of people get excited about special events, and they can throw out all sorts of fun ideas. However, someone has to get it done, and that may fall to you at some point. What are you going to do about the Appetizers and Entrées? You’re going to turn to Liang’s Garden Chinese Restaurant because this is where you will discover some great Appetizers and Entrée ideas for planning a great event. Parties and other special gatherings can be a tremendous amount of fun and create beautiful memories. However, they must be thought out, which is why it is great to have a partner like Liang’s Garden Chinese Restaurant to help you with the needed Party Tray menu for an epic gathering.

Liang’s Garden Restaurant in Lansing, Illinois, can create almost any type of Party Tray for any occasion.

We usually require a 48-hr. notice for all catering orders to best accommodate your needs. We can do many of our items within a 24-hr. hour time frame, but it’s best to give us at least 48 hours so that we’ve got enough ordering and prep time.

For businesses needing lunch for the crew, or social groups needing Party Trays for a special brunch, football tailgate, afternoon party, or more, we provide excellent Party Trays no matter the function.