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Liang’s Garden Restaurant Chinese Cuisine Party Trays

Our Chinese Cuisine Party Trays are the perfect solution for your next;

  • Business Meetings
  • Office Parties
  •  Birthdays Chinese Cuisine Party Trays
  • Celebrations
  • Graduations
  • Holidays
  • Family Get Together
  • Whatever the Occasion

Let’s face it; events do not plan themselves. Plenty of people get excited about special events and they can throw out all sorts of fun ideas. However, someone has to get it done and at some point that may fall to you. What are you going to do about the Appetizers and Entrées? You’re going to turn to Liang’s Garden Chinese Restaurant because this is a place where you will discover some great Chinese Cuisine Party Trays ideas for planning a great event. Parties and other special gatherings can be a tremendous amount of fun, and they can create some wonderful memories. They must be thought out, which is why it is great to have a partner like Liang’s Garden Chinese Restaurant to help you with the needed Party Tray menu for an epic gathering.

Liang’s Garden Restaurant in Lansing, Illinois, will create almost any type of Party Tray that you might need for any occasion. 48-hour lead time on most trays would be very nice, but in a pinch, the restaurant staff will try to work it out.

Here is a great list of suggested Party Trays for your next event or meeting. These party food trays can be ordered for take-out or delivery.

Click on menu categories to see complete list menu items.


Appetizers — Egg Rolls – Crab Rangoons – Fried Won-Tons

Chop Suey — House Chop Suey or Subgum – Vegetable Chop Suey or Subgum

Fried Rice — Plain Fried Rice – Combination Fried Rice – Beef Fried Rice

Sweet & Sour — Sweet Sour Chicken – Sweet Sour Combination

Chow Mein — Vegetable Chow Mien – Combination Chow Mien

Lo Mein — Vegetable Lo Mein – Combination Lo Mein

Seafood Trays — Happy Go Lucky – Big Four Happiness

Beef Trays — Tomato Pepper Beef – Sesame Beef

Chicken Trays — Chicken Almond Ding- Sesame Chicken

Pork Trays — Bar-B-Q Pork with Pea Pods – Szechuan Shredded Pork

Vegetable Trays — Stir-Fried Vegetable – Buddhist Delight

Hot & Spicy Trays — Orange Chicken –  General Tao’s Chicken

Yu-Shan Trays  — Yu-Shan Chicken – Yu-Shan Combination

These are just a few of the special party trays that Liang’s Garden Chinese Restaurant can put together. Give us a call (708) 474-8100 or stop in for more ideas.

Be sure to include all your friends
and family in the feast.